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Library & Open Learning Services

Special Collections & Archives

Special Collections & Archives Mission

Special Collections & Archives engages the campus, local community, and society at-large through a commitment to inclusive collecting, open access, responsible stewardship, and preservation of local cultural and historic resources for future generations. As part of this effort, Special Collections & Archives supports and enhances student learning with active-learning opportunities to develop critical thinking and understanding of primary and secondary sources.

Special Collections & Archives Vision

Special Collections & Archives aspires to be the premier repository for historical and cultural resources in our region, serving the campus, local community, and society at-large. Special Collections & Archives provides content expertise; and extends the reach of our collections by engaging the community through diverse and inclusive collections, including openly accessible digital collections, fostering a variety of historical perspectives, and engaging in community conversations.

Special Collections & Archives Collecting Scope

Special Collections & Archives is home to the historical records of Dixie State University in addition to collections of employees, students, and campus groups. We also hold collections of historical value from diverse cultures including Native American peoples, Latino and Hispanic communities, Latter-day Saints, various fundamentalist Mormon groups, other religions, and growth related to people relocating within the geographically contiguous areas of Washington and Kane counties, the Arizona Strip, and the Big Muddy region of Nevada.

Our collections include rare and unique books, newspapers, papers, photographic records, audio-visual documentation, microform, oral histories, and electronic records. Special Collections & Archives will collect through donations and purchases according to the Special Collections & Archives Guidelines.

Special Collections & Archives Indigenous Land Acknowledgement

Utah Tech University acknowledges Indigenous Peoples as the original stewards of the land Utah Tech is built on. We want to recognize the ancestral homelands of the Paiutes (Nung’wu), the Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah (Cedar Band, Kanosh Band, Koosharem Band, Indian Peaks Band, and Shivwits Band), and the Kaibab Paiute Tribe. Aligning with the university’s core value of “Equity and Inclusion”, it is an institutional responsibility to recognize and acknowledge the people, culture and history of the many diverse Indigenous Peoples connected to this land on which we gather.