Library & Open Learning Services

Library & Open Learning Services

Mission Statement

Utah Tech University Library & Open Learning Services, including the Library, Special Collections & Archives, the Writing Center, and the Academic Performance Centers, provides the resources necessary to facilitate research and enhance the curriculum and programs of Utah Tech University. Library & Open Learning Services delivers innovative services and opportunities, both of which promote and support learning and intellectual engagement for students, faculty, staff, and community.

Vision Statement

Library & Open Learning Services will lead the University in providing open and affordable educational services and materials. The division will evolve to meet the community’s dynamic information, research, and learning needs.


We are committed to:

Stakeholder Input and Feedback

Library & Learning Services receives input and feedback on our resources and services both directly and indirectly. User surveys are conducted regularly, and evaluation and feedback forms are available online. Library & Learning Services also receives input and assistance from the L&LS Committee comprised of faculty and student government representatives.

This input, along with data from a variety of sources, guides decision making and resource allocation. Progress toward goals and a focus on continuous improvement is accomplished through a robust assessment plan. Annual reports are also prepared every year, highlighting achievements and progress toward goals.

Library & Learning Services employ the 2018 ACRL Standards for Libraries in Higher Education, and we report data to ACRL/IPEDS.

Holland Centennial Commons

Collections Snapshot

Collections 2015-2016 2016-2017 2017-2018 2018-2019 2019-2020
Books title count (physical) 92,371 93,005 93,312 102,114 103,551
Serials title count (physical) 265 233 157 157 120
Media title count (physical) 10,010 23,148 23,587 23,350 23,795
Books title count (electronic) 133,819 134,563 111,828 190,245 8,113*
Serials title count (electronic) 44,536 55,941 68,876 73,223 72,157
Databases 126 125 193 203 236

*due to a change in reporting, this number only reflects ebooks owned and cataloged by the library. Ebook packages are no longer reported in this number.

Planning Documents

Strategic Plan

Assessment Plan

Library Instruction Plan

Organizational Chart

Annual Reports

Surveys and Studies

MISO Survey 2019: Trends and Takeaways

Writing Center Impact on Retention and Academic Success (Executive Summary)